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Rental Harvest help renters build credit.

Rental Harvest believes that it’s time to change the system to reflect the realities of modern economic life for all renters. Rent has always been a renters biggest monthly expense. So, why not make rent payments help raise your credit score and get you to where you're trying to go!..

Rental Harvest gives you the tools to build your OWN credit yourself! You don’t need to pass a credit approval or put down a large security deposit to work with Rental Harvest.



Our professional staff is dedicated to making sure you have the greatest experience when working with us. Our #1 job is to help you receive the credit you deserve from paying your rent every month. Together we have over 30+ years of experience in Business and we look forward to working with you.

Nearly one in four Americans do not have enough credit history to generate a credit score. Over 100 million Americans struggle with their credit and are denied access to traditional financial products. Rental Harvest was founded to address this huge problem and provide a sustainable and simple way for renters to establish and build credit history through their largest monthly payment, rent! We are passionate about helping renters get the credit they deserve for paying their rent
Rental Harvest gives you the ability to build credit with your past two years of rent payments. Start building credit with your last 24 months of rent payments the day you register. This can have an immediate and powerful impact to your credit
Your credit score impacts many areas of your life. Now you can change the course of your future and build credit as a result of your responsible financial behaviors


  • “I needed a new apartment for my family and I and with not so good credit I was not getting approved for the apartments I was applying for with Rental Harvest I was able to get a new apartment with a very nice view might I add. I refer Rental Harvest to everyone I know!”
    Lisa and Family,
  • At my age and after dealing with cancer I needed help building my credit and I found Rental Harvest. After having my rent reported my score went up and I was able to get me a new car!”
  • Dream TeamV delivered everything they promised. Because we had limited credit history when Rental Harvest reported our rent with the history from our previous 2 years our scores jumped 74 points and we were able to close on our new home. Our customer satisfaction levels are
    Matt & Kelly,