Get Paid to help Renters!
Do you know any renters? If yes, then the Rental Harvest Partner Program is FOR YOU! You can earn additional income by simply referring renters to our program to help them build their credit using their rent. 

The official guidelines are below, but the overview is that you would post an article, blog post or affiliate graphic on your website, exposing your site readers, family and friends to the use of Rental Harvest. Included in the graphic or article would be your unique Partner Code. Then, a customer follows the links wherever you post the information for Rental Harvest, uses your Partner Code during signup and pays their set up fee and you get an upfront commission and that's it!
The Best Things in Life Never Wait

Rental Harvest Monthly Set up fee:

$99.95/One-Time Fee

$20/One-Time Payout

Rental Harvest Spouse/Roommate Plan:

$149.95/One-Time Fee

$25/One-Time Payout

Rental Harvest Annual Plan:

$162.50/One-Time Fee

$30/One-Time Payout
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Refer a Partner and
Get Paid!
That's right! We said it. If you refer another Partner to the Partner Program every time they get paid YOU GET PAID!

 Your Referred Partner sells a Monthly Plan:
They Earn:  $20
You Earn:    $5

 Your Referred Partner sells a Monthly Spouse/Roommate Plan:
They Earn:  $25
You Earn:    $7.50

 Your Referred Partner sells an Annual Plan:
They Earn:  $30
You Earn:    $10
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Join the Rental Harvest Partner Program!

Make as Much Money as you WANT!
You can post as many or as few links and graphics as you like, and the more links/graphics you post, the more customers you bring in, the more sales we make, the more money you earn! So, with just a few well-placed links/graphics, you could find yourself making hundreds of extra dollars per month.

How the Partner Program Works:

1) To become an Partner, simply register using the Partner Registration Form. 

2) Following our guidelines below, you can begin posting articles and/or approved Partner graphics on your site. Double-check your work when you’re done, paying close attention to your links to, as well as making sure you have placed your correct Partner Code somewhere in the post or graphic.

3) Once the post is live (and reviewed/approved by our Team if necessary – see Policies below), it will be eligible for Partner Payouts. When a customer is referred to, they use your partner link or enter your Partner Code during the registration process, and then they purchase the service, our system will log the subscription under your Partner account. As long as the customer payment is successful, your Payout percentage will be listed as “Pending” in your Partner Panel.

4) After the designated waiting period passes (with no customer refunds/cancellations occurring), “Pending” funds become “Available” funds, and you can use the “Request Money” button to request any/all “Available” funds be deposited into your PayPal account.

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